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Maintenance Request

Hecht Property Management requests that Tenants

submit all maintenance requests online 

via your Tenant Portal on Appfolio. 

If you have an AppFolio account, please use the following link to sign in to your account: 


If you do not have an AppFolio account, please send a request via email to set up your account: 


In addition to making maintenance requests, Tenants are also able to pay rent and check account balances through this AppFolio Tenant Portal..

We require all maintenance requests in writing.  

If you have an emergency call your property manager first 

and then submit a request online through your portal.

Property Managers:

Cathey Harrison  (704) 661-8597    or    charrison@hechtpropertymgmt.com

Kim Freeman      (704) 578-2332    or   kfreeman@hechtpropertymgmt.com

Rod Kerley          ( 704) 502-1679   or   rkerley@hechtpropertymgmt.com

Elizabeth Hurd    (704) 451-8223    or   ehurd@hechtpropertymgmt.com

Tera Walton         (704) 787-1145    or   twalton@hechtpropertymgmt.com