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Evondale Phase II

Homeowners Association, Inc.

Crouse,  NC

Evondale Phase II is located on approximately 120 acres in - Lincoln County - North Carolina.
If you have any questions, please contact 704-489-9949 or 

City: Crouse
Lot Sizes:  1acre +
Architectural Review:  Yes
Water:  Well
Sewer:  Septic

Special Features
- Bring your owner builder
- Large Lots - Country Feel

Annual HOA Assessment

Bi-Annual Billing Schedule:
April 1st - $100.00
October 1st - $100.00

Late fees are applied when an account is 30 days past due at $20 per month.  A lien may be filed at 120 days past due.

Board of Directors
Board is in process of being turned over to the homeowners

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Please contact the Hecht Property Management office if you have any questions pertaining to the ACC or the ACC Guidelines.

All new builds and any exterior modifications your home must be submitted for review by the ACC prior to commencing work.
Please see the "ACC Forms" to the right and return to your Association Manager.

Prior to commencing any work to your home's exterior hardscape and/or landscape, please submit an application for review by your community's ACC.

Plot map, photos, samples and/ or brochures are required with your application.  Please include the scope of the project and location of plants, shrubs, trees and hardscape items. The ACC will approve, disapprove or make recommendations to \ all submissions within thirty (30) days after receipt of an application. 

Please read your community documents (CCRs) before commencing an exterior project.

The Hardscape & Landscape form to submit an application for review by the ACC can be found on the right hand tab on this page under the "ACC FORMS" section.

Pursuant to N.C.G.S. Section 7A-38.3F, the association is required to notify its members yearly that members and the association may request voluntary mediation of any dispute with the association arising under the North Carolina [Planned Community Act], or under the association's declaration, bylaws, or rules and regulations, other than a dispute relating solely to the failure to pay dues or assessments. Either party can decline to engage in mediation for any reason. The procedure for requesting mediation is set forth in the statute.

 click the above link to 
pay your HOA Dues online 
through AppFolio

If you have not set up your account 
to pay online, 
send an email request to 
HOA@HechtPropertyMgmt.com and a link will be provided to you. 
Governing Documents

ACC Forms

Community Information

Get Directions To:
Evondale Rd
Crouse NC 28033